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A US-China war is extremely imminent, since US President is said to be asked to sign the Hong Kong Autonomy Act approximately on 15 July, 2020. This Act will enable relevant authorities in US to impose sanctions against companies, organizations, entities, persons and financial institutions which are, in short, regarded as “friends of the Chinese Communist Party (hereafter “CCP”)” from viewpoint of US. This new regulation, once it will be enacted, will affect the global community and economy as well tremendously. Because not only Chinese banking sector but also various western prominent financial institutions such as “HSBC” are allegedly targeted in the framework of this Act.


There will be no way left for the leadership of CCP to save its money and assets, even though they are located and deposited outside the Chinese territory, as long as it will appropriately take fundamental measures against the US sanction. To dramatically change all these situations, CCP will be forced to militarily occupy the “crown jewel” for US in East Asia: Taiwan. Experts expect Chinees PLA Navy to tentatively occupy the Kinmen Island and withdraw as soon as possible. The occupation as such won’t be aimed at, because of its apparent lackness of physical capacity to maintain the occupied area. Regardless of that, the CCP leadership can’t help from doing so, while they really need to drag off US President Donald Trump to kick off a “package deal” as they used to do so with US counterparts so far. A sudden attack of the Navy against the Kinmen Island will give tremendous “shock waves” to prices of all the assets in and beyond East Asia, which will cause huge loss to actors of the Wall Street and their collaborators all over the world.

However, the situation will become much worse, when US President Donald Trump won’t accept the invitation for re-negotiation with CCP, viewing the declining expected rate of support for his candidacy in US presidential election in the forthcoming November. In such a case, unprecedented escalation of the conflict between US and CCP will be drastically increasing, which will lead us even to a irreversible start of the end-war for the whole human civilization. In this regard, the date “July 15, 2020” will be the point of no return, as far as I’ve been correctly informed both confidentially and openly.

Having said that, I firmly believe it is the high time for all of us to stop the US-China war, which is increasingly imminent right now. Taking every opportunity we have, we all are urged to appeal to the public that the global community shall make both sides, USG and CCP, refrain from taking such an irreversible step against the humanity. Instead, we shall recall all the Parties of our common goal to contain the pandemic and its “second wave” due to COVID-19 entirely. At this stage, it’s not each one of national interests but the human life as a whole that really matters, as the brave researcher evacuated from Hong Kong, Mme. Li-Meng Yan, correctly pointed out in the latest interview by Fox News.

In this context, Japan’s role is essential and indispensable as well, based on the fact that Japan’s supercomputer developed in not public sector but private sector of venture companies in close connection with US, Chinese and Taiwanese business partners is obviously capable of executing the most effective genome analysis to find out the very key solution to combat the pandemic. Despite all the difficulties with relevant stake holders including the Japanese National Security Secretariat led by Shigeru Kitamura, the project was just launched as a genuine private initiative, laterally supported by one of the most powerful political leaders in Japan.

All we need is to save not national pride but human lives as many as possible. The CCP is being condemned and accused of executing unparalleled bio-terrorism against the rest of the world. Apart from the political game to check the authenticity of such a theory, the time is limited to rescue the humanity against the historical pandemic, which could sooner or later include gastroenteritis with lethality. Now, it’s time for all of us to unite and fight against invisible enemies in the air.

(Written by Takeo Harada, CEO and Representative of IISIA. All Rights Reserved. )