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SDGs Working Paper – Published by RIJAG

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【IISIA_RIJAG】SDGs Working Paper

IISIA’s sister organization, Research Institute for Japan’s Globalization (RIJAG) has published its first SDGs working paper to make a proposal to the United Nations (UN) to become a World Federation with two important functions – international solidarity levy and sovereignty above state sovereignty in the matters of human security (war, natural disaster, pandemic, environmental destruction, etc.).

RIJAG has pointed out the flawed reality of the current UN to tackle with global issues, touching on the circumstance with pandemic, and to its reasons not only that the UN Charter is obsolete and exclusive but also the fundamental rule of society, which is actually mathematic protocol, is flawed in nature.

RIJAG introduces MITSUYOSHI Operator studied at the University of Tokyo, which is a revolutionary mathematical protocol that can potentially renovate the whole world. We believe that societies can never be truly inclusive without transforming the exclusive structure of the modern mathematics, because it creates technologies that we use, changes our behavior and thinking, and eventually shapes social institutions.


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